Disney ImagiNation 2013

Disney does an annual ImagiNations competition where hundreds of talented people try to wow them with a new experience. During the fall of 2012, I grouped together with a few other people, an industrial design major, a production design major, and another animation major and we started the project,  Leabhar Mor. We developed an enthralling story about a magical place in Cork, Ireland that held mystery and cultural history about the location. With the interactive help from the guide and his fellow spirits, you could unlock more of the myths, customs, and stories surrounding Cork. We told our story through a one minute video and a limited number of slides. We made it to the semi-finals where we placed 8th out of the 187 teams that entered. We had so much fun with this project, and we had so much more we wanted to put into the presentation, but we had limited space. But it was a great experience.



Take a look at the slide presentation PDF

©The project was conceived by a Savannah College of Art and Design Team and created for the 2013 Walt Disney Imagineering’s ImagiNations Design Competition. This project is the sole property of Walt Disney Imagineering and all rights to use these ideas are property of Walt Disney Imagineering. The competition is a way for students and recent graduates to showcase their talents and for Disney to identify new talent.