Demo Reel



Turn HD off for faster Viewing. For more in-depth visuals, the 3D Work page includes breakdowns of each project: UV’s, model wireframe, texture maps, etc.



Responsible for all aspects except model. Model by Stephen Ehl.

[V-ray, Maya, Mari, Nuke]



Responsible for all aspects. Lighting help from Bryanna London

[Photoshop, Maya, V-ray, Mari, Nuke]

Slender Salamander

Created all assets. Shading help from Ross Macaluso.

 [Maya Mental Ray, Mari,  Nuke]


Dalmatian Dog

Responsible for textures/shading, photo background, lighting, and compositing.  

 [ Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, Nuke]


Prosperous Buddhas

Responsible for Buddha procedural shading with PTEX UVs, photo background, lighting, and compositing. Model is Stanford model.                  

 [Maya, Photoshop, Nuke]



Collaborative piece in which I was responsible for the beetle textures/shading, model, and animation. Compositing and Lighting were done by Bryanna London.

[Maya Mental Ray, Mudbox, Photohop]



Click for  Breakdown Sheet PDF